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In this post, we have curated a comprehensive list of free job alert for the most sought-after and popular job vacancies across industries. Keep reading. 

The job market is piping hot because of the widespread availability of qualified and interested candidates for all job roles imaginable. There are various high-quality free job alert across industry verticals for job roles requiring selected candidates to work from home or from a physical location. 

1. Technology: Free Job Alert

SDET(Software Engineer In Test) Free Job Alert

Software development/design engineers in test (SDET) are highly programming-skilled IT professionals who model, create, and test automation frameworks and tools. They mainly work in the IT, advertising, gaming, financial, hospitality or entertainment industries to automate manual operations.


Programming, testing methodology, Automation, Agile + DevOps process management methodology exposure, Designing, Programming languages like C#, C++, Java, etc.


  • Examines and comprehends the flow of code and how it interacts with various processes. 
  • Processes and customer requests for process improvement are documented. 
  • Users’ issues and cases are logged, managed, and tracked. 
  • Regression testing is carried out manually. 
  • Building, executing and troubleshooting automation scripts.


6 LPA to 20 LPA (Depending on the experience and the skill-set)

Java Developer Free Job Alert

A Java Developer is someone who creates, maintains, and grows Java-based apps. A Java developer is one of the most desirable positions today because most large firms use Java to construct software solutions and backend services.


Proficiency in Java, skill in writing Java libraries that are reusable, Java concurrency patterns, understanding of JDBC, MVC, etc., and knowledge of Java GUI frameworks.


  • Software development and testing 
  • Determine and handle any technical issues that may arise. 
  • Make thorough design documentation. 
  • Changes to the current Java infrastructure should be proposed. 
  • Create technical blueprints for app development. 
  • Create multimedia programmes. 
  • Write testable, well-designed code. 
  • Debugging, testing, and analysing software


4.5 LPA to 15 LPA(depending on experience and skill-set)

Java Technical Architect Free Job Alert

A Java architect is a software developer who focuses on the architecture of Java-based systems. Java is an OOP(object-oriented) programming language that is compatible with a wide range of computing platforms and apps. Java architects are usually employed by businesses to build software architecture for applications that aid in the resolution of business issues.


Object-oriented programming, software architecture, relational databases, integrated development environments, Version control systems, web frameworks, and computer networking.


  • Identifying and creating solutions to business problems 
  • Assessing current architecture systems 
  • Creating Java-based application software architecture 
  • Fixing technological problems and design defects 
  • Developing designs both alone and in groups 
  • Collaboration with other divisions to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals 
  • Attending professional meetings and reading industry news to keep Java knowledge and abilities up to date


14 LPA to 40 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Android Developer/iOS Developer Free Job Alert

These professionals are responsible for creating and managing apps native to devices running on the two most popular mobile operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS. 


1. Android: Knowledge of Android SDKs, RESTful web services, core Java, Eclipse & ANT based build system, Android Studio.

2. iOS: Objective-C, iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch, iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation & Core Text, mobile-devices specific memory management and caching mechanisms.


  • Design and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. 
  • Work with cross-functional teams to assess, design, and release new features. 
  • In the team, you are entirely responsible for the creation of mobile apps. 
  • Create and publish apps in app marketplaces. 
  • To improve application performance, implement new technology.


6 LPA to 15 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Asp.NET Developer Free Job Alert

ASP.NET developers usually work on web application development and design, with a focus on database installation. They collaborate closely with the quality assurance team to guarantee that the online apps perform smoothly.


Proficiency in C#, JSON, XML protocols, web verbs, experience using .NET & code-first ORMs, understanding of scaling with stateless techniques, integrating web analytics tools, 


  • Developing high-quality applications 
  • Working along with front-end developers. 
  • Assuring that junior employees perform to expectations. 
  • Enhancing the functionality. 
  • Making use of the most recent and appropriate technologies. 
  • Creating application layers and designing them.


4.5 LPA to 10 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Laravel Developer Free Job Alert

The Laravel web framework is used by Laravel developers to design and construct web apps, services, websites, and toolkits. Laravel is a PHP-based MVC framework for building webpages, forums, caches and databases that use OOP. Laravel developers can quickly create scalable software using the framework’s capabilities and libraries.


Web development, Database management, Project Management, knowledge, Web security knowledge, MVC architecture knowledge,  PHP experience, Website design, and Laravel application development.


  • Speaking with the client and the development team about the project’s goals. 
  • Using Laravel to design and create web apps. 
  • Problem-solving in execution and debug builds. 
  • Users and the backend features are being tested. 
  • Assuring the smooth operation of integrations. 
  • Using client feedback to scale initiatives. 
  • Keeping track of and reporting on Laravel work. 
  • Upkeep of web-based apps. 


3.5 LPA to 12 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Software Engineer Free Job Alert

A Software Engineer works for a firm as a computer software designer, developer, and maintainer. They employ software engineering ideas, as well as their creativity and technical expertise, to assist a business in solving new and continuing challenges.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Experience designing interactive apps, popular frameworks such as JSF, Spring MVC, Wicket, and GWT; test-driven development, proficiency in software engineering tools, knowledge of relational databases, ORM technologies, and SQL; software development abilities in Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, or other popular programming languages. 


  • Building and supervising validation and testing procedures for software systems. 
  • Managing software development initiatives  
  • Communicating project statuses and proposals with cross-functional departments and clients. 
  • Data analysis to coordinate the installation of new systems or the modification of current systems. 
  • Software development lifecycle management. 
  • System performance is monitored. 
  • Providing critical project data to team members and fostering team cohesion. 
  • Problem-solving projects using mathematics and statistics.  
  • Bug-fixing and testing new software 


4 LPA to 30 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Python Backend Developer Free Job Alert

Python programmers specialise in creating server-side web application algorithms. Their role entails developing, debugging, and implementing application projects using the Python programming language. They also help front-end developers with interoperability by connecting applications to third-party internet services.


Knowledge of front-end technologies (such as JavaScript and HTML5), proficiency in at least one popular Python framework (such as Django, Pyramid or Flask), understanding of object-relational mapping (ORM), and solid problem-solving skills are all required.


  • Create code that is both efficient and scalable. 
  • Create backend components to boost responsiveness and overall performance. 
  • User-facing aspects should be included in apps. 
  • Program evaluation and debugging 
  • Enhance the functioning of current systems 
  • Implementing data security and privacy solutions. 
  • Consider and rank feature requests. 
  • Work with internal teams to determine user needs and propose technical solutions.


3 LPA to 15 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

2. Finance, Management & Marketing: Free Job Alert

Product Analyst Free Job Alert

Product analysts conduct market research and evaluate data to detect customer behaviours and attitudes. Based on their studies, they give recommendations and provide launch methods to boost firm profitability. Product analysts track product performance and make changes as needed to fulfil sales targets.


Great communication skills, the capacity to adapt to change, the ability to match client needs with the company’s vision, and exceptional time management abilities are all preferred, and extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint).


  • Compare the company’s offerings to industry trends. 
  • To address the organization’s current and future demands, develop a grasp of company products. 
  • Assist with product reviews and rating systems. 
  • Create and manage small to medium-sized projects. 
  • Analyze analytics to improve company products over time. 
  • Participate in business activities such as costing, inventory control, planning, and budgeting. 
  • Assist the organisation in meeting immediate and long-term product growth objectives. 
  • Collaborate with different divisions within the firm to improve product analysis and presentation.


6 LPA to 30 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Relationship Manager Free Job Alert

A Relationship Manager is a specialist who assists in the development and maintenance of good customer connections, both within and outside a firm. They look for new business prospects for their clients and advise them on the finest products or services for their requirements.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Excellent communication and listening skills, the ability to clearly and easily communicate complex information, outstanding sales and negotiation abilities, an interest in financial products and markets, strong quantitative and computer skills, and plenty of drive, initiative, and motivation are all desirable qualities.


  • Keeping a thorough understanding of the company’s products and services. 
  • Developing and maintaining good client connections. 
  • Looking for new business prospects and pursuing them. 
  • Finding and presenting appropriate solutions to clients’ needs and requirements. 
  • Providing extensive product/service consultations to clients and leading them through the decision-making process. 
  • Resolving concerns and complaints in a timely and effective manner. 
  • achieving sales/revenue goals 
  • Ensure customer happiness.


3 LPA to 8 LPA  (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts examine the performance of assets such as bonds, commodities, stocks, and other assets. The aim is to advise individuals and their companies on taking favourable investment choices. They also provide financial planning advice to organizations, including the best corporate structure.


Expert-level analytical and financial modelling skills, influence and persuasion skills, excellent presentation skills, strategic thinking, and understanding of ERP systems and related technologies are all required.

  • Financial data analysis.
  • Investigating macro and microeconomic circumstances. 
  • Creating and assessing records, financial statements, and profit forecasts. 
  • Assessing capital costs and asset depreciation.
  • Based on the analysis, prepare accounting and other required reports and estimates. 
  • Based on patterns, making recommendations for improvement. 
  • Developing financial models.
  • Making suggestions based on financial performance patterns and financial risk. 
  • Creating financial projections. 
  • When reviewing financial facts and estimates, collaborating with other finance team members.
  • Inventory evaluation.


4 LPA to 15 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Field Sales Representative

Field sales representatives are salespeople who create relationships with potential clients in order to generate sales. Them follow up on leads and keep in touch with those who have already converted. They may be able to identify potential clients or ensure that present ones are happy. They keep an eye out for new chances as they occur while doing so.


Proven sales experience, familiarity with multiple sales strategies and pipeline management, experience working with Salesforce.com or equivalent CRM, track record of exceeding quota, computer use competency, familiarity with different sales techniques and pipeline management, excellent interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills.


  • Sales forecasting, developing sales strategies/models, and evaluation of their performance with “out of the box” thinking.
  • Adopting numerous consumer sales approaches like door-to-door approach, cold calling, presentations etc. 
  • Evaluating consumers’ talents and needs, as well as developing productive long-term connections. 
  • Conducting account research and developing or following up on sales leads. 
  • Achieving individual’s and teams’ sales goals.
  • Using financial statistics data to report to and provide feedback to management. 
  • Keep up with the newest advances by attending meetings, sales events, and training. 
  • Managing and increasing your given territory’s client database.


3 LPA to 7 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

BDA (Business Development Associate)

Business development professionals seek to expand a company’s operations. They analyze the company’s performance and look for ways to improve it, such as strengthening customer relationships and identifying new business opportunities.


Convincing sales skills, strong communication skills, proven marketing skills, project management skills, data analysis and ROI skills, and business intelligence.


  • Open to learning about the strategic goals of the company, as well as its aims and objectives. 
  • Developing excellent ties with new clients while sustaining relationships with existing clients. 
  • In the CRM database, collecting and keeping client data. 
  • Conducting market research and discovering potential clients are two of the most important tasks. 
  • Creating a solid sales strategy, as well as customer service and retention programmes, and analysing sales data to inform or update marketing initiatives. 
  • Implementing growth initiatives in collaboration with employees from various departments. 
  • Display excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management, staff, and clients. 
  • Find new business partners and prospects.


3 LPA to 10 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set)

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital marketing executives are in charge of establishing, executing, and overseeing a company’s complete digital marketing strategy. They’re also in charge of leading, directing, and coaching the team’s digital marketers and other marketing roles.


Proven job experience as an online marketing executive, extensive SEO and PPC experience, awareness of digital marketing ideas, familiarity with web analytics tools, content and creative writing skills, and great communication skills.


  • Managing PPC campaigns, tracking reports, and calculating ROI are all tasks that need to be completed. 
  • Creating website copy that is optimised for search engines. 
  • Campaign performance evaluation using web analytics technologies (Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc.). 
  • Keeping social media networks up to date and managed. 
  • Keeping up with the latest social media trends. 
  • Developing original stuff. 
  • Maintaining control of the company’s email marketing operations.


3 LPA to 10 LPA (Depending on experience and skill-set) 


You can use this post to find the relevant information on the hottest jobs in India at the moment. Niftel Resources can help you find the job that you are looking for. 


Looking For A Job Vacancy In Lucknow? Here Are The Top Jobs

This article will familiarize you with the best-paying jobs in Lucknow. So, if you are looking for a job vacancy in Lucknow, this can be an excellent place for you to start. Keep reading. 

Lucknow has seen tremendous growth in terms of the population of highly-qualified individuals in the last decade. As a result, the opportunities for securing lucrative high-paying jobs had grown as well. We have also seen that many MNCs including HCL, TCS, and Accenture have set up shop here in the last few years. 

Roles For High Paying Job Vacancy In Lucknow

Below is a list of the most gainful job roles available in Lucknow at the present moment are as follows: 

1. Blockchain Engineers

A Blockchain Engineer is a specialist in the creation and implementation of blockchain-based architecture and solutions. You must essentially create and implement a digital blockchain for technology consultancy or data service companies. ​​They must comprehend topics such as hash functions and consensus. 

It also analyzes the codes and instructs any junior employees. They are in charge of application release dates as well as project monitoring to ensure that it is completed on time. A blockchain engineer’s annual compensation in Lucknow is around Rs.8-10 lakhs.

2. Cloud Architects

A cloud architect is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a company’s cloud computing strategy. They’ll require a strong understanding of cloud computing, networking, and data security. 

A cloud architect, to be more specific, aids in the development, implementation, and maintenance of a company’s cloud computing strategy. They must have a thorough awareness of their organisation’s cloud computing demands, limits, industry rules, and objectives. 

As beginners, candidates earn 5-8 lakhs per year, 12-14 lakhs per year at the mid-level, and up to 25 lakhs per year at the senior level. 

3. Data Scientists 

Data Scientists are in high demand as businesses go digital and generate massive amounts of data.

Because of the increasing demand, data scientists may expect to earn a basic income that is 36% greater than other analytics professionals. 

In India, and even Lucknow, an entry-level Data Scientist should earn between 6 and 8 lakhs a year. At the mid-level, they may make up to 12-15 lakh per year. They can earn up to 21-25 lakh per year at the highest level, depending on their seniority.

4. Full Stack Developers 

Professionals with experience in back-end and front-end development, cloud and database skills, good coding skills, version control systems, and fluency in Python, CSS, RubyonRails, Java, and other programming languages can expect to earn 5 to 7 lakhs per year as beginners. 

Professionals who have some experience and fall under the mid-level can earn up to 8-10 lakhs per year.  The senior-most full stack developers can easily make up to 10-12 lakhs per year. 

5. Product Managers

A product manager is a person who understands the demands of customers and creates products that meet those needs. They are in charge of the business strategy for both hardware and software products, as well as defining their functional needs and managing feature launches. 

They also supervise software engineers, product scientists, and data scientists who are ultimately accountable for the product’s commercial success. In Lucknow, a product manager might make up to Rs 25 lakh per year.


If you are looking for a high-paying job vacancy in Lucknow and have the right skills for any of the job roles mentioned in our list, you can earn the big bucks and advance your professional career to greater heights while staying in Lucknow. 


Most Popular Work From Home Jobs In Lucknow in 2022

In this article, we will talk about the most famous Work From Home Jobs in Lucknow at the present moment. So buckle up and get ready to expand your knowledge of the same. 

There has been a boom in enthusiasm for jobs that allow people to work from home, not just from individuals, but also from firms who are understanding the benefits of allowing employees to work from home. According to an UpWork survey, 73% of all sectors would employ remote workers by 2028—and this figure came before COVID-19 compelled businesses to explore remote work on a large scale.

Just like any other major city in the world, Lucknow also faced a financial slowdown during the pandemic-related lockdowns and job losses. But at the same time, we witnessed a steady rise in people who started working from their homes using their various skill-sets. 

Most Popular Work From Home Jobs In Lucknow

Today, you can find Lucknow as one of the top cities in India with a huge number of people offering their services remotely, in numerous sectors. Following are the most popular work from home jobs in Lucknow for freshers

Work From Home Jobs In Lucknow

1. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants help with anything from planning to researching. Some jobs are merely administrative in nature, such as monitoring calendars and timetables and billing clients, while others need copywriting and social media management. Candidates with experience in public relations, writing and editing, or social media can earn up to 200-500 rupees/hour. The majority of virtual assistants have multiple clients at any given moment.

2. Website Testers

Website testers check the quality and usability of websites and web apps on a variety of smart devices, such as laptops, PCS, tablets, and mobile phones. Testers are required to visit websites or download apps, and then perform a range of stipulated activities. Finally, they have to report back on their findings. The hourly pay can be considerably high based on the skillset and experience. Monster.com, Mazi Naukari, LinkedIn, and Turing are just a few of the platforms where you can seek such a work from home jobs in Lucknow

3. Online Educators 

Online educators, like traditional teachers, provide subject-specific instruction, lesson planning, and student progress monitoring. Anyone having a teaching certificate and specific expertise, such as foreign language fluency, would be ideal for this role. You’ll conduct an online lesson using Zoom, Google Meet or any other such platform. Positions range from kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as college and further education in all disciplines.

4. SEO Specialists 

An SEO (search engine optimization) professional studies, evaluates and executes modifications to websites in order to increase the number of visitors and improve the site’s search engine ranking. A majority of such positions expect at least one year of experience and expertise with industry SEO methodologies and tools such as Google Analytics and website development platforms such as Squarespace.

5. Proofreaders

A proofreader ensures that written text is error-free in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and layout. This task is quite flexible, and you can complete it on your own time as long as you reach the proofreading deadline. It has emerged as one of the most sought-after work from home jobs in Lucknow. 

6. Web Developers

More and more technology organizations are converting office jobs to flexible or remote work. You could seek full-time job advertisements that offer remote work or flexible locations if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline. You could also have finished a Bootcamp programme, or have other comparable programming expertise. It is the skills that reign supreme. 

7. Transcriptionists

Transcriptionists work in medical and legal offices, typing up physicians’ and lawyers’ oral notes. Medical language and procedures, as well as legal jargon, are required by most firms. Beginner transcriptionists earn around 100 rupees per hour, while expert transcriptionists earn around 300 rupees per hour.

8. Customer Care Services

Customer service representatives address clients’ inquiries, handle one‘s troubles, and assist them with transactions over the phone or online, and it’s one of the simplest work from home jobs that one can begin with. A majority of beginner salespeople make around 50-60 rupees per hour, but those who gather more experience may make around 150-170 rupees per hour, on average, with a 100 rupees hourly rate. These jobs offer less flexibility than other work-from-home opportunities. For example, if your shift is from 10 a.m. and goes till 7 p.m., you can anticipate being on call for the entire time.


Senior Lead Software Engineer: Roles, Responsibilities and Skills

In this article, we will learn about the roles, responsibilities and skills required for becoming a senior lead software engineer. You should read on because software engineers are one of the most sought-after job roles today. 

Who is a Senior Lead Software Engineer?

A senior software engineer in test uses their comprehensive understanding of software development and exceptional leadership abilities to successfully control the software development process. They serve as leaders for junior team members and are primarily accountable for the project’s quality and punctuality. 

A senior lead software engineer must be well-versed in all aspects of software development, including codes, development apps, and testing methodologies, among other things. They must also possess leadership qualities in order to properly manage a team and ensure the success of each project.

Senior Lead Software Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities of a Senior Lead Software Engineer

  • Lead all elements of app development, including gathering requirements, designing and implementing applications and databases, and designing user interfaces. 
  • Create user interface functionality with HTML, ASP.NET, and Javascript. 
  • Create graphical user interfaces using JavaScript, HTML, and XML. 
  • Take part in daily scrum meetings and design conversations with your teammates. 
  • Create views with JSP, JavaPageFlows, and JQuery. 
  • Create SQL queries for backend testing and compare data during functional testing to ensure that it matches and passes. 
  • Create batch code that runs as a separate process on servers that communicate with external banking systems using XML. 
  • Develop test plans and test suites for GUI and API testing, as well as test automation and framework enhancement.
  • Reduce pain points in partner adoption by encouraging the team to create an API interface and example code.
  • Using Jenkins, introduce and promote continuous integration. 
  • Provide web-based Java application development competence. 
  • Create a performance tool to collect metrics for a Java application. 
  • Optimize current database objects’ queries to reduce execution time and improve the user experience while preserving data integrity. 
  • Instil SOA principles in your employees and management. 
  • By altering the architecture slightly, you can eliminate unnecessary and redundant database calls. 
  • Appium may be used to test online and office programmes on a variety of mobile devices, as well as to assist in the creation of tests. 
  • Use scalability solutions to handle a growing user base and avoid bottlenecks at the application and database levels. 
  • Utilize the UML technique to analyse requirements, plan, and design computer systems. 
  • Create a production environment and set up the bamboo build configuration.
  • Work on assessing and addressing software problems, which will be documented in a JIRA ticket. 
  • Participate in the development of JQuery base validations for data processing. 
  • Add the test cases that will be run in Jenkins’ continuous integration tool. 

Skills Requirements

Following are the skills you must be a master at to land senior lead software engineer jobs: 

  • Strong Communication skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to analyze information well
  • Basic programming skills
  • Software design
  • Software documentation
  • Software testing

Junior Front End Developer Jobs: A Guide

In this article, we will lay emphasis on Junior Front End Developer Jobs and learn about their job roles and skills. If you are looking for a job as a junior front-end developer, you should pay attention from hereon.  

Who is a Front End Developer?

A front-end developer creates the interface that people see and interact with on websites and web apps. A front-end developer uses web languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to construct websites and apps that people can access and interact with. A front-end developer is a person who creates the design components that you see on a website.

Front-end developers design the user interface (UI), which defines what each component of a website or application performs and how it will appear. 

For example, if someone wanted to create a website, they could employ a front-end developer to design its layout and structure. A front-end developer decides where to put pictures, how to display the site, and how the navigation should appear. Much of their work entails making sure the site or application’s design and layout are user-friendly and intuitive.

Junior Front End Developer Jobs

Responsibilities In Junior Front End Developer Jobs

If you’re curious about the roles and responsibilities of Junior Front End Developer Jobs, they must: 

  • Make a decision on the layout and design of your website. 
  • Getting the right blend of functional and aesthetic design. 
  • Create features that will improve the user’s experience. 
  • Create code that can be reused in the future. 
  • When designing web pages, use a variety of markup languages. 
  • Maintain consistency with the brand across the design.
  • Check to see if your web pages are optimized for performance and scalability. 
  • Make sure the website is mobile-friendly. 

Basic Skills Required To Ace Junior Front End Developer Jobs

  • CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

These are the three languages that are fundamental for everyone who seeks to build a career in front-end development. The appearance and functionality of a page are determined by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Developer tools and software:

Version control software tracks and controls changes in your source code. It is essential to make changes without having to start from scratch. A great career as a junior front-end developer starts with knowing how to use a variety of software development tools including the one mentioned above.

  • Frameworks: Frameworks are utilities that are needed for CSS and JavaScript to function effectively. It is critical to have a strong understanding of them while developing page structures.


By now you must have learned a great deal about Junior Front End Developers Jobs. All you need to do now is polish the skills mentioned above and search using a keyword such as “Junior Front End Developer Jobs Near Me”. 


Work For Apple: Apple Home Advisor India

Apple is inarguably a behemoth when it comes to innovation and top-notch product quality. Apple has cemented its name as a global leader by popularizing its high-tech iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, and much more. Apple has over a trillion-dollar of evaluation and is considered a dream company to work for. Thankfully, Apple now offers a chance for Indians to work for them from home with their Apple Home Advisor India role. 

What does an Apple Home Advisor India do?

An Apple Home Advisor India is a vital part of Apple’s support team for Indian customers for its wide range of electronic products. They are responsible for providing customers with customer-oriented services such as customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support. 

An Apple Home Advisor serves as the primary point of contact between the company and its customers. Their job involves them taking customer queries via phone calls, email, and chat options. If we delve into more detail about the work they are expected to perform on a daily basis, they have to: 

  • Take calls and understand user queries. 
  • Reply to emails in a professional and friendly manner. 
  • Provide information about Apple’s hardware and software products, accessories, and other services.
  • Offer support for products such as Mac, iPad, iPod, AppleTV, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc. 
  • Help educate and spread awareness about the latest products and services as soon as they are launched.

Note that every Apple Home Advisor India is allocated some products. That is to say that even if they have complete training to handle issues for all products, they will have to specialize in their designated products/services.

Apple invests ample resources in training its Apple Home Advisors India Work From Home candidates. In this way, Apple Home Advisors India gain the right knowledge to help customers by answering their probable questions satisfactorily. 

Apple Home Advisor India

Some Basic Requirements and Salary

Following are some basic requirements to apply for the Apple Home Advisor India job role. These are: 

  • Experience with at least one Apple device, such as iPhones, Macs, iPods, iPads, and so on. 
  • This work requires a minimum of 40 words per minute (WPM) typing speed. 
  • A min of 2 years of technical troubleshooting experience with major operating systems, such as Windows (not necessary iOS). The candidate’s ability to troubleshoot technical issues is a huge asset. 
  • A quiet home office with an option to block or reduce sounds from the environment. The room needs to have free-flowing and fast internet to handle the troubleshooting process. 
  • Multitasking abilities 
  • Willing to work on weekends and holidays because most customers appear to require customer support services when they are not working.

Salary of Apple Home Advisor India Work from Home:

The average base pay for this job role stands at about 20,000/month. 

Here’s how you can get hired as Apple Home Advisor India

With Apple, you can avail both part-time and full-time job opportunities in the role of an Apple Home Advisor. It’s up to you what suits you best and where would you be able to do more justice to the job role. 

You can look for the Apple Home Advisor India Work From Home or in-office job postings on their official Careers Page in India. You can use the following URL: Apple

You will find various job openings on this page, and you can choose the position of your interest by scrolling down and searching. You can even sort jobs from newest to oldest or vice-versa. As soon as you click on a job opening link of your choice, you will be redirected to the relevant web page. You will find various details and the job description of the selected job role on this page.

You will now notice an option of “Submit Resume”. You can upload your Resume on this link and submit it. Once you are done applying, you will need to wait to hear from the hiring team if they think that you are fit for the job role. 


Jobs in Lucknow For Freshers & Top Tips To Grab Them

Lucknow, the bustling capital of Uttar Pradesh — the biggest state in India in terms of population and raw human resources in all sectors imaginable — is an emerging business hub. This emergence has created many jobs in Lucknow for freshers and veterans alike. 

With the rapid development and a focus on creating an urban economy that stands out among the top cities in the country, Lucknow is now among the top cities in India by GDP. 

Lucknow is also a desirable destination to live because of its friendly and welcoming civil society. Since it is the state capital, a vast majority of government offices are present here. For the same reason, and the solidarity amongst people, it is a safe and secure place to reside. Lucknow has made its name as a city with big ambitions and a place where rules and regulations are diligently followed by its citizens.

The Emergence of Lucknow

Lucknow is home to some premier educational institutes of national importance, such as IIM Lucknow, Lucknow University, AKTU, IET Lucknow, and more. Naturally, with so many top educational institutions, the number of highly-qualified and skilled graduates makes it a great location for industries and companies to hire their employees from. 

As a result of Lucknow’s academic prowess and availability of some great talent, many big MNCs have set up shop in the city in the last decade. HCL, TCS, Accenture, Amazon, BYJU’s, Capgemini, Cognizant, Niftel, Wipro, Infosys, Deloitte, and many more have identified the talent pool in the city and actively offer lucrative jobs for the talented youth. 

Today, as a result of the development of the city and an increase in its popularity, the graduates fresh out of college don’t have to look too far to grab great job opportunities. There are many urgent jobs in Lucknow for freshers across industry verticals. Be it IT, software development, healthcare, medical, accounting, BPO, you name it — the demand and availability of jobs in Lucknow for freshers are both upwardly mobile in the present day. 

Since Lucknow has no dearth of jobs to offer for freshers and experienced people alike, all you need to do as a job seeker is to look for the jobs that suit your expertise and/or experience. While finding prospective jobs isn’t difficult as you simply need to shortlist from numerous job platforms out there, the challenging bit is landing a good job out of these. 

We will help you prepare yourself to grab urgent jobs in Lucknow for freshers. Keep reading. 

7 Tips To Help You Grab Great Jobs In Lucknow For Freshers

In this section, we will list seven vital tips that you should learn from and adopt in your job-seeking strategy. You will be able to grab your dream jobs in Lucknow for freshers if you pay close attention to the following tips: 

1. Don’t be shy on researching the prospective companies

You would typically expect someone interested in working with you to exhibit some curiosity in you, right? Almost every interviewer will inquire about your knowledge of the company, and it will be obvious if you have none. 

Make a conscious effort to research the company’s website; it will assist you in understanding their offerings and also how you fit within them. If the recruiter discovers that you have zero understanding of who they are, it will reflect poorly on you.

2. Take help in building a resume that shines: Highlight your strengths 

Trying to figure out your abilities and skills can be difficult at times, especially for someone looking for work as a fresher. At this point, your family, close friends, and relatives may be able to assist you better. Inquire about what they consider to be your strengths and flaws. 

A fresher’s resume should always be concise and clear. You might enlist the assistance of others who are knowledgeable in the subject to help you write an excellent CV. Use bullets and short points. A CV for a new graduate should be no more than two pages long. In a few sentences, list all of your abilities and educational qualifications.

3. Online Job Boards are your best friends

It’s difficult to find desired job interviews. And here is where employment boards may be of great assistance to new graduates. This will also put an end to those haphazard internet job hunts. On the internet, you can create your profiles on a few prominent employment sites such as Mazi Naukari, Monster, and more. These websites give you the option to search for jobs by experience, posting date, job role, industry, and area, among other criteria. 

4. Work on your soft skills and supplement the technical ones

Concentrate on the skills you’ve noticed in yourself during your academic career. Make a list of personal characteristics(soft skills) that you recognize in yourself. It can be anything from the capacity to communicate effectively, either vocally or in writing, to the ability to lead a collaborative effort.

A well-written CV adds to the possibilities of opening new avenues of opportunity. But what is the proper method? If you can’t present yourself well, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are at doing something. Learn how to improve your résumé, sell yourself, and interact effectively with others.

5. Hone and use your networking skills 

It is essential to have an online network in the era of the internet and social media. While professional networking websites like LinkedIn are solely for making professional connections, your social networking platforms also have specialized groups and pages where you can meet individuals for professional prospects. 

Employees are frequently rewarded for referring others. So don’t be afraid to contact a friend or a friend’s friend because you might provide them with an unexpected benefit.

6. Focus on the learning curve over the salary

You may not like to hear it, but don’t choose your first job only based on the pay. Choose a job that will allow you to learn the most. Sometimes a low-paying internship is more valuable than a high-paying job.


Lucknow has emerged as a top destination for job seekers, especially freshers, because of the development of the IT city and other such endeavours. If you are looking for Jobs in Lucknow for freshers, you must take these tips seriously and make them a part of your job search. 


Financial Analyst Jobs: Tips To Ace The Interview

Based on their expertise in the industry and analyses of business news, market trends, and an organization’s financial status, a financial analyst assists in making business or investment decisions. You can shortlist job opportunities for financial analyst roles by Googling “financial analyst jobs near me”. 

Financial Analyst Jobs for freshers have emerged as a highly sought-after career choice. Financial analysis is a popular career choice because of its strong growth possibilities and relatively hefty remuneration. Financial analysts use mathematical, logical, and reasoning skills in addition to a deep understanding of money to arrive at a result.

Some Tips to Excel As A Fresher Financial Analyst

While you can start your journey by a search query as simple as “financial analyst jobs near me”, it’s not easy to make it through the interview. If you are looking for Financial Analyst Jobs for freshers, the following interview tips will come in handy for you:   

1. Thoroughly Review the Job Description

You need to pay special attention to the requirements listed at the top of the job description, as these are usually the most essential to the employer. Take notice of the important abilities and experiences they’re looking for in a candidate, and think about where your own experiences match up.

2. Carefully Research the Company

The following step is to research the company with whom you are applying for a job. Examine their website, particularly about section, the blog, and social networking pages. This will enable you to gain a better understanding of the company’s culture and principles.

3. Review Difficult Interview Questions

Reviewing challenging interview questions is another key step to consider while prepping for a financial analyst interview. Review responses from interviewees for financial analysts and pick anecdotes that you might use to create a more in-depth response. Familiarize yourself with the talents that employers are looking for.

4. Don’t Overlook Simple Questions

Interviewers frequently ask straightforward questions to discover more about a candidate’s personality and how much they love working in the finance field. You should prepare anecdotal responses to these.


Top 4 Skills For Digital Marketing Executive Jobs

As a field, digital marketing is an amalgamation of web design, traditional marketing, social media marketing, content writing, SEO, and much more. It has assumed a greater meaning in the last decade because of a rapid increase in the number of businesses moving online. As a result, Digital Marketing Executive Jobs have emerged as a popular commodity amongst marketing enthusiasts. 

Be it a junior digital marketing executive or a seasoned digital marketing professional, they need to hone some essential digital marketing skills to succeed. Let’s take a look at these in the following section. 

Digital Marketing Executive Jobs: Four Essential Skills To Find Success

Digital Marketing Executive Jobs require job aspirants to learn and master some essential digital skills. If you want to start as a junior digital marketing executive and eventually rise in the ranks, it’s time for you to start working on honing the following skills: 

1. Proficiency in SEO and SEM 

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are essential parts of digital marketing strategies. SEO is crucial to improve the organic visibility of client websites and increase traffic. Similarly, SEM is crucial to creating digital strategies around content and data. Therefore, you must have a basic understanding of the key concepts involved in SEO and SEM to kickstart your digital marketing career. 

2. Content Marketing 

When it comes to digital marketing, content is said to be king. Therefore, you must have a solid grip on creating SEO-friendly content for various digital marketing campaigns for an organization. You should focus on developing content marketing skills to succeed as a digital marketing executive. 

Digital Marketing Executive

3. Impeccable Data Analysis 

As a digital marketing executive, you will have to create strategies that drive results. Devising these strategies requires careful, efficient, and thorough data analysis. Therefore, you should learn how to use tools such as Google Analytics to gather and analyze information about various marketing campaigns. 

4. Expertise in Design Thinking 

Design Thinking is the approach of thinking from the perspective of the users to solve large-scale complex problems. Simply put, design thinking requires you to approach problems in a human-centric way to create easy, effective, and grounded solutions. You must learn how to approach problems through the five key phases of Design Thinking: 

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype 
  • Test

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