Some Lucrative And High Paying Field Sales Jobs

If you have a natural knack for selling things, the world of sales can be an excellent fit as a career. Sales is a vertical that requires great persuasion & convincing skills. Field sales jobs are often not seen as a lucrative career option, but there are some field sales representative jobs that have the potential to change the status quo.

Field Sales Jobs That Stand Out

Some field sales representative jobs can help you earn the big bucks if you know how to sell products and services. Below is a list of some high-paying and secure Field Sales Jobs where you can utilize your talent as a salesperson and build a solid career. 

1- Financial Services Field Sales Agent

As a financial sales agent, you will need to sell consumers or businesses the financial products/services that make both of you money. You can find these jobs in sectors such as banking, insurance, and securities. You will be responsible for handling the loans, checking accounts, credit cards, and other financial instruments of your clients. 

2- Real Estate Field Sales Agent 

As a real estate agent, you can earn hefty commissions on every sale. Your job will require you to show properties to interested clients and persuade them to buy. You will need to understand the marketplace, book appointments, meet the clients, negotiate offers, develop market listings and close the deals. You will be required to woo the clients with your charm and understand their requirements. 

3- Insurance Field Sales Agent

The good old insurance industry is thriving as ever, and you can build a lucrative career as a field sales agent by selling insurance schemes. You will have to build your customer base, book appointments with interested customers, and use your wit, charm and persuasion skills to sell insurance plans meant for health, life, casualty, property, vehicles, and much more. 

4- Field Sales Engineer 

As a field sales engineer, you will have to work with companies that sell complex technological and scientific products. Your job will be to use your sales acumen to cater to the target audience and build their interest in the products. It is a highly competitive space and will test your selling skills to their limits. But the compensation is well worth the effort.


What It Takes To Perform Well In BDA Work From Home Jobs

A BDA or a Business Development Associate is responsible for developing the business of a company through carefully crafted plans and strategies. After the pandemic, the demand for BDA work from home jobs has skyrocketed, as companies are now willing to hire remote BDAs to handle their business development. 

Business development is the craft of devising and implementing long-term processes aimed at strengthening the relationship with customers, increasing market presence, and improving the sales of a company, amongst other things. The idea is to increase the overall value of a company and give it an edge over the competition. 

Given the increase in the BDA jobs for freshers Work From Home, you must learn about the skill set you need to grab one of these jobs. 

Skills Required To Excel At BDA Work From Home Jobs

If you are a fresher who wants to start as a Business Development Associate, now is the time when you won’t have to face a dearth of BDA Work From Home Jobs. But despite the availability of great opportunities, you need to focus on skills ‘BDA Jobs for Freshers Work From Home’ would expect you to be a master at. These are:

Frustrated woman shocked by bad news while reading document at home office

1- Intuitive Sales Skills 

Although a BDA isn’t directly involved in selling products, they must possess sales skills for several reasons, including: 

a- They are required to forge relationships with the target audience to follow up with them on prospective projects. 

b- Sometimes a BDA has to set up meetings for introducing products/services

They might be required to discuss potential partnership opportunities with clients.

2- Great Marketing Skills 

As a BDA, you should always have basic marketing knowledge because they have to actively work with the marketing team of a company. Since the goal of marketing is the same as business development, i.e., growing the company’s business, marketing skills always come in handy. 

3- Project Management Skills 

Project management skills are key to finding success as a BDA. You should possess skills such as leadership, team management, monitoring risks, solving problems, etc., to navigate the complex task of managing various projects. 

4- Excellent Communication Skills 

As a BDA, you must be a master at communicating your point across effectively. You should be confident at expressing yourself and listen carefully to understand client requirements. You should also know how to negotiate well because it is a crucial part of business communication. 


You can find the BDA job you are looking for if you have worked on these skills, or if you are willing to put in the hard yards now.

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