Focused to hire skilled IT Candidates

The last few decades have seen a massive expansion in digital technology. It has occupied one of the top places as a key contributor to the world economy. This has speeded up the growth of the IT sector. Data has become an asset, so there is a lot of focus on Application Development, Testing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data analytics. This change has increased the demand for skilled technology professionals.

Being a reputed placement agency in Lucknow, Niftel Resources Pvt Ltd provides,

  • Flexibility as the technology keeps on changing
  • Search for the right skill to fulfill changing market needs
  • Cost-effective and speedy hiring
  • On-Site or Remote Ready
  • Flexible costs that fit your budget
  • Rapidly access talent with hard-to-find IT skills
  • Industry-tailored solutions & support

In today’s demanding market, by understanding client needs and people’s career aspirations, Niftel resources  Pvt Ltd have established a unique outlook in the talent and human resources business. One amongst leading IT staffing firms, we can target the right people with the right skills, competencies, and attitudes. We have skilled consultants with excellent technical knowledge supporting our clients in seasonal or temporary staffing requirements.

IT (Information Technology)