Join us and say goodbye to old school hiring tools

The COVID pandemic has changed the world upside down. For instance, it has changed the working approach of staffing companies. In the meantime, work from home has become the new normal. Drawing rooms have become office cubicles, and all the meetings take place on Zoom. As a result, the whole organization appears on a single screen. And so do placement agencies, with their tasks cutout.

Niftel Resources Pvt Ltd offers digital Employee solutions. Equipped with digital hiring tools, along with a skilled team, we are here to set up a new benchmark.

Our Employee solutions are not limited to job postings on social networking websites. For example, they seek to improve your employees’ experience and process efficiency. 

Finding the Right Person for the Right Job

Niftel Resources Pvt Ltd is a placement consultancy company that acts as a link between various companies and job seekers. We have a huge database. As a result, we shortlist candidates according to companies’ business requirements.

Our consultants spend a lot of time discussing the openings, resume screening, advertising, re-interviewing, and background checks. Our consultancy performs these steps to select the best candidates who are appropriate for the openings.

If you don’t have a committed in-house HR team, you are spending vital time of your team members for recruitment which might impact the business deliverables. We, as a recognized placement consultancy company in Lucknow, help you hire skilled and qualified candidates with the help of a digital screening funnel, our HR funnel.

Digital Hiring