Find the right permanent staff for your business

Skilled employees are assets to an organization. Hence, Niftel Resources Pvt. Ltd. helps you find skilled candidates for the job with a systematic recruitment approach for top brands in the market. Permanent Staffing Companies require candidates who are reliable and have attitudes and career goals that align with the company culture and goals. In addition to focusing on skills and qualifications, the permanent recruitment approach should also include other factors such as stability, diversity, and growth.

The permanent recruitment approach should not only focus on skills and qualification but also includes numerous factors such as Stability, diversity, and growth.

Our permanent staffing solutions approach is to provide companies with highly trained and qualified candidates on the firm’s payroll who are available all the time. These candidates will help in the growth of the business since they are more efficient with the process and familiar with the organizational goal and policies.

Our permanent staffing approach will take each candidate through,
  • Digital approach to target candidates
  • Digital Screening process
  • Assessment and management
  • Candidate engagement

Permanent Staffing