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Our Philosophy

We connect job-hunters with job-givers and help them to get the right job with the best package. As a service giver, we don’t just help in the screening process, but also provide support both to our HR client and the resource after the job offer has been accepted.

Our Approach

Our team of HR specialists aims to keep serving clients armed with the latest HR tech and trends. We follow the best practices being implemented by top HR firms. We focus single-mindedly on the needs of our clients so that we can serve them well.

Partnering with you for your Human Resource need

Niftel Resources Pvt Ltd is amongst the top verified HR consulting companies in India that is specialized in hiring skilled resources for various sectors. The company keeps itself updated on the latest trends in efficient HR practices.

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How We Stand Apart From Others

Our customised Human Resource solutions help our HR clients and resources save valuable time and money.

Our customised services efficiently support HR objectives

There are 9 pillars of our HR consulting services. These pillars are: HR functions, HR analytics, learning and development, compensations and benefits, recruitment Services, HR technology, organizational change, talent management & health, and safety.

Best HR consulting partner

We seek to clearly understand the problems of our clients and their work culture. Our systems are backed by best practices and the latest tech for good results.

Team of skilled and experienced HR consultants

We don’t just hire talent but use the latest HR practices to the best of our ability. We use value-added systems and tools to improve your work.