Some Lucrative And High Paying Field Sales Jobs

If you have a natural knack for selling things, the world of sales can be an excellent fit as a career. Sales is a vertical that requires great persuasion & convincing skills. Field sales jobs are often not seen as a lucrative career option, but there are some field sales representative jobs that have the potential to change the status quo.

Field Sales Jobs That Stand Out

Some field sales representative jobs can help you earn the big bucks if you know how to sell products and services. Below is a list of some high-paying and secure Field Sales Jobs where you can utilize your talent as a salesperson and build a solid career. 

1- Financial Services Field Sales Agent

As a financial sales agent, you will need to sell consumers or businesses the financial products/services that make both of you money. You can find these jobs in sectors such as banking, insurance, and securities. You will be responsible for handling the loans, checking accounts, credit cards, and other financial instruments of your clients. 

2- Real Estate Field Sales Agent 

As a real estate agent, you can earn hefty commissions on every sale. Your job will require you to show properties to interested clients and persuade them to buy. You will need to understand the marketplace, book appointments, meet the clients, negotiate offers, develop market listings and close the deals. You will be required to woo the clients with your charm and understand their requirements. 

3- Insurance Field Sales Agent

The good old insurance industry is thriving as ever, and you can build a lucrative career as a field sales agent by selling insurance schemes. You will have to build your customer base, book appointments with interested customers, and use your wit, charm and persuasion skills to sell insurance plans meant for health, life, casualty, property, vehicles, and much more. 

4- Field Sales Engineer 

As a field sales engineer, you will have to work with companies that sell complex technological and scientific products. Your job will be to use your sales acumen to cater to the target audience and build their interest in the products. It is a highly competitive space and will test your selling skills to their limits. But the compensation is well worth the effort.


What It Takes To Perform Well In BDA Work From Home Jobs

A BDA or a Business Development Associate is responsible for developing the business of a company through carefully crafted plans and strategies. After the pandemic, the demand for BDA work from home jobs has skyrocketed, as companies are now willing to hire remote BDAs to handle their business development. 

Business development is the craft of devising and implementing long-term processes aimed at strengthening the relationship with customers, increasing market presence, and improving the sales of a company, amongst other things. The idea is to increase the overall value of a company and give it an edge over the competition. 

Given the increase in the BDA jobs for freshers Work From Home, you must learn about the skill set you need to grab one of these jobs. 

Skills Required To Excel At BDA Work From Home Jobs

If you are a fresher who wants to start as a Business Development Associate, now is the time when you won’t have to face a dearth of BDA Work From Home Jobs. But despite the availability of great opportunities, you need to focus on skills ‘BDA Jobs for Freshers Work From Home’ would expect you to be a master at. These are:

Frustrated woman shocked by bad news while reading document at home office

1- Intuitive Sales Skills 

Although a BDA isn’t directly involved in selling products, they must possess sales skills for several reasons, including: 

a- They are required to forge relationships with the target audience to follow up with them on prospective projects. 

b- Sometimes a BDA has to set up meetings for introducing products/services

They might be required to discuss potential partnership opportunities with clients.

2- Great Marketing Skills 

As a BDA, you should always have basic marketing knowledge because they have to actively work with the marketing team of a company. Since the goal of marketing is the same as business development, i.e., growing the company’s business, marketing skills always come in handy. 

3- Project Management Skills 

Project management skills are key to finding success as a BDA. You should possess skills such as leadership, team management, monitoring risks, solving problems, etc., to navigate the complex task of managing various projects. 

4- Excellent Communication Skills 

As a BDA, you must be a master at communicating your point across effectively. You should be confident at expressing yourself and listen carefully to understand client requirements. You should also know how to negotiate well because it is a crucial part of business communication. 


You can find the BDA job you are looking for if you have worked on these skills, or if you are willing to put in the hard yards now.


Roles and Responsibilities for Team Lead Sales Jobs

 With increasing competition, more and more businesses offer appealing Team Lead Sales Jobs. A sales team leader is responsible for keeping an organization’s sales team members focused. The perfect sales team leader knows how to keep the team members motivated and excited to increase their individual sales numbers.

Every organization values and searches for highly-capable and experienced sales team leaders to maintain and increase the profitability of their business. A sales team leader acts as the glue that holds together the sales department of any business. Sales team leaders are bestowed with some crucial roles and responsibilities. 

Team Lead Sales Jobs include these Roles and Responsibilities 

Irrespective of the industry, Team Leads Sales Jobs come with a core set of duties and responsibilities. These are: 

1. Recruiting, Training, and Coaching Sales Team Members

As a sales team leader, you have to recruit the most suitable candidates for your team. In addition to recruitment, you need to oversee their training at every step. You also have to coach your team members to improve their skills from time to time. 

2. Setting and Enforcing Deadlines

As the leader of the sales team, you have to set deadlines for achieving sales goals and ensure that your team members are always on track. You have to enforce the deadlines by setting examples through your hard work. 

3. Setting Targets and Motivating Sales Team 

A sales team leader has to set targets for individual team members regularly. You have to divide tasks into groups and set daily, weekly, and monthly targets. 

4. Preparing Detailed Sales Reports

One of the most important duties of a sales manager is to analyze the sales data of all team members and prepare accurate and detailed sales reports. The idea is to inform the management about the efficiency of the sales department.


Essential Requirements For UI Designers Jobs 

User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) design has emerged as an exciting career prospect in the last decade or so. Despite it being a relatively newer field, it has captured the imagination of many. As a UI/UX designer, you can build a lucrative career by harnessing your creativity. Moreover, there’s no dearth of UI Designers Jobs at present. 

That said, the relative abundance of UI UX Fresher jobs doesn’t take away anything from the competence required to be hired. Job aspirants must be masters of certain skills for securing dream UI Designers Jobs. Let’s dive straight into the bit that talks about these essential skills. 

Top-Skills for UI Designers Jobs

Securing and grabbing UI UX Freshers Jobs can become a cake-walk with these skills: 

1. Wireframing, Prototyping, User Flows, Mockups

You must learn and practice these hands-on skills by working on personal design projects. Working on your portfolio gives you a nice edge over your competition. Let’s see what these skills are all about:

  • Wireframe: It is a simpler web page layout that prioritizes page elements according to user needs and doesn’t contain visual design.
  • Protype: It is a simulation of the final product but with a scope of improvement before the end product is delivered.
  • User Flow: It is a diagram that represents and maps user steps while using a service/product.
  • Mockup: It shows a realistic picture of the final webpage with a visual model. 

2. Knowledge of conducting user research and usability testing 

You should use the opportunity of designing your portfolio to learn how to conduct user research. If you want to succeed as a UI/UX Designer, you should have a knack for understanding user expectations and requirements through research. 

3. Working knowledge of visual design software 

You should have a working knowledge of visual design software, including Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. These are indispensable tools for UI and UX designers. 

4. Communication Skills 

Communication skills must be your strong suit because you need to communicate big ideas for your clients. You should know how to simplify concepts to make them more palatable for users.


How To Grab Entry Level Project Manager Jobs

If you are confident that you possess a knack for communication and excellent organizational skills, you might want to start a career in project management. As a project manager, you would be expected to display leadership qualities and great flexibility. As someone who wants to start as a project manager, entry level project manager jobs are a suitable option. 

Be it an information technology project manager job or any other, project management demands an interested candidate to have: 

  • Impeccable Planning Skills 
  • Convincing Delegation Skills
  • Top-notch Documentation Skills 
  • Accurate Budgeting Skills 
  • Strong Organizational Skills

In addition to becoming proficient in the above skills, we are sure that you could use some tips to begin a career in project management with entry level project manager jobs. 

Some Tips For Getting Selected For Entry Level Project Manager Jobs 

1. You should be someone who can solve problems 

It’s a no brainer that every profession requires you to be an excellent problem solver. As a project manager, you will come across numerous problems that will require quick and efficient solutions. Your problem-solving ability will require you to shine through here. 

2. You should be a strong team player 

A manager has to be a team player through and through. You can only achieve your project’s goals if you work closely with your team members. 

3. You should have a thorough knowledge of your Project Management Tools

Having a working knowledge of collaborative project management tools can help you manage your team better. You can optimize your workflow with the help of project management tools. 

4. You should have great communication skills 

Communication skills are a must-have for someone who seeks to efficiently manage teams. You should know how to give and take feedback, explain project details, and solve queries satisfactorily.
You can land an information technology management job or any other management job role with the help of the above tips.


Skills To Be Mastered To Land Good Laravel Developer Jobs

Lately, there has been a boom in Laravel Developer Jobs. The reason for the increasing popularity of Laravel developers is the simplicity, elegance, and expressive syntax of the Laravel PHP framework.

Even though there are many other PHP frameworks out there, Laravel has become a popular choice because it makes the development process easier and hassle-free. Companies are in a constant search for Laravel developers who understand its ins and outs. 

Given the popularity of Laravel Developer Jobs, a PHP Laravel Developer can make a great career out of their expertise.

Laravel Developer Jobs

These Skills Are Vital For Laravel Developer Jobs

As a PHP Laravel Developer you must be a master of the following skill sets: 

1. Database Management 

Naturally, the top skill requirement for Laravel Developer Jobs is database management. As someone who is seeking a Laravel developer job, you must know how to effectively manage and organize data for various resources of a company. You should be adept at improving the data-sharing capabilities of an organization. Some top database management systems to master include MySQL, Oracle12c, and Microsoft SQL. 

2. A Good Knowlege of MVC & OOP

As a Laravel Developer, you must have a great understanding of the Model View Controller(MVC). You must be an expert at grounding the codebases while developing the software architecture. Additionally, you must also have a good working knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming(OOP). You must have a good knowledge of objects, classes, traits, methods, and the like.

3. Web Development 

You should also be skilled at handling basic web technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 


Working knowledge of HTML is crucial for website development. You should know how to effectively use different tags for headlines, body text, subheadings, and more. 


You should know how to change the website content and change its behavior using JavaScript.


Along with HTML, you should know how to use CSS to display HTML elements on the front-end. 

4. Command on Project Management Frameworks

You should have a command of project management frameworks such as Waterfall and Agile. You should be able to use them to build a given project from start to end. 


Pay attention to mastering the above skills and you can have a great career as a Laravel Developer. 


Skills Needed To Land Backend Developer Jobs

The requirement for backend developers has sky-rocketed in the last few years. From big companies like Apple and Google to smaller ones, everybody wants the best backend developers. As a result, backend developer jobs have become a hot commodity in the job market. 

A career in backend development requires you to have a good working knowledge of coding languages, programming tools, and algorithm building. Different backend developer jobs roles require different skill sets, but there are some common skills that a web developer job seeker must-have.

Top Skills required to get Backend Doveloper Jobs

If you want to build a successful career as a backend engineer, here are some skills you need to master: 

1. Working Knowledge of Backend Programming Languages 

First of all, you need to have exceptional knowledge of various backend programming languages. Being proficient in all major programming languages increases your career’s scope as a backend engineer. The languages you need to focus on include: 

  • Java 
  • PHP 
  • Python

Even if you can’t master all of these, you must be a master of one. But knowing the basic functionalities of all others is appreciated and valued in the industry. 

2. Good Knowledge of Popular Frameworks

Secondly, once you choose a language that you would like to prefer, you will need to learn about the frameworks associated with that language. A framework or a web framework is nothing but a foundation to support a given web application. For example, if you prefer Python, you may use Flask or Django. 

3. CSS, Javascript, HTML

These three are the foundational languages for frontend development, but as a backend engineer, you must understand these. 

4. Algorithms and Data Structures

Being a data-driven field, you will be expected to have a good understanding of algorithms, structures, processes to implement data. Some examples are hashcode implementations, stacks, queue, binary search, etc. 

5. Cache and Databases 

As a backend developer, you need to be familiar with database management systems such as Oracle, AWS DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.

6. API Knowledge 

API or Application Programming Interface is a hot commodity in the backend development world. It facilitates communication between different applications. You need to have good API knowledge for applications such as creating server-side architectures.

7. Familiarity with Servers 

Since your job as a backend developer will require you to work on server-side development, you need to know everything about different types of servers.


You must master all of these skills if you want to build a satisfying career as a backend development engineer.


Best Practices for IT Staffing

Every business requires a technical workforce for smoothly running its overall operations. A shortage of IT staff can hurt a business. Therefore, every business seeks to hire qualified technical staff to maintain their productivity. Businesses aim to rank for queries like “IT Jobs near me”, “best IT jobs”, etc., to attract the best IT talent in a given demographic. 

Ranking higher for such search keywords is just the tip of the iceberg in the hiring practices opted by organizations. After the advent of the pandemic, there has been a boom in IT recruiting because practically every business needs skilled IT people. 

In a period of such high demand, businesses must adopt a slew of hiring best practices to attract and land the most qualified IT technicians. Just ranking higher on the SERPs for a keyword like “IT Jobs near me” isn’t remotely sufficient. 

IT Jobs near me

What are these Best Practices to Land a Skilled IT Technician?

Below is a list of some hiring best practices to help your organization hire a skilled IT technician: 

1. Follow a Data-Driven Approach 

While you are searching for the best IT Technician, you must rely on data gathered from the analysis of candidates in the initial hiring stages. You can use the resulting data to identify the best performers, and thus, you can narrow down your search.

2. Develop Robust Candidate Pools

One of the key factors that can help you hire the best IT talent is developing and maintaining robust candidate pools. Candidate pools are great assets because they can help you reach out to the best candidates even when the demand is high.

3. Follow Service Level Agreements(SLAs)

Great communication goes a long way in securing the attention of the top IT talent. SLAs help you do just that. They help with excellent communication and help build strong relationships.

4. Employ Assessment Tools

You must use the best assessment tools to aid your screening process.

5. Don’t Forget Employer Branding

Another crucial best practice is to market your brand and create awareness through marketing. 


Follow these best practices, and you will be able to hire top-notch IT professionals for your organization.


Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India

A recruitment company plays a crucial role in finding the best candidates for various job roles in an organization. They help in boosting the efficiency of any company. Some of the best recruitment in India comes through the Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India

A recruitment company devotes its resources and expertise to identify the candidates that could be the best fit for a given job role. It closely works with its client organizations to match the best-suited candidates for various job positions. 

A recruitment agency has a range of tasks in its kitty. These tasks include screening the candidates, interviewing them, performing detailed background checks, and onboarding them once selected. A recruitment company helps potentially eligible candidates reach companies that need their manpower needs fulfilled. 

There are some major advantages of partnering with a good recruitment company. Some of these are as follows:

1. They help save crucial time 

When you outsource the recruitment aspect of your organization to a professional recruitment agency, you save time. Your organization can use this time for other vital organizational processes. 

2. They help clients achieve adequate manpower

A recruitment company helps an organization amass the adequate manpower required to bring its vision to fruition. An adequate workforce plays a pivotal role in helping an organization achieve its goals. 

3. They create a demand for employees with the required specialization 

A recruitment consultant company closely analyzes the needs of the partner organization. Upon doing so, it creates a demand for employees that would meet and exceed those requirements. It matches the needs of the company with the specialization of the most suitable candidates.

4. They help strengthen the resource pool 

A recruitment company helps a partner organization in hiring employees from a range of specializations. It also expertly hires the best local candidates in various local extensions of the organization. As a result, a recruitment company helps strengthen the resource pool of an organization.

5. They help with seasonal employement requirements

A recruitment company also helps with seasonal employment needs. Some companies require temporary employees for short term demands. A professional recruitment partner hooks up these companies with qualified seasonal employees. 

6.They help promote a company’s brand

A recruitment company uses its huge employee sourcing network to promote the name and goodwill for its partners. They spread a positive name about partner companies and their products in their networks to attract qualified candidates. 

This proves that recruitment agencies can help a company in more than one way. If you are looking to partner with the Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India, below is a list of the top 10 recruitment agencies in India:

Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India

1. Randstad 

Founded way back in 1992 under the name of “Ma Foi”, Randstad has since then made a big name for itself in the recruitment landscape. The name was finally changed to “Randstad” in 2008. They are the world’s second-largest placement consulting agency. In India, they are headquartered in Chennai.

They have created a name for themselves owing to their high-quality recruitment services. They have a network across 20 cities of India for smooth operations across the country. You can avail of services like permanent and temporary staffing contracts, in-house services, recruitment professionals, and more. 

2. ABC Job Placement 

ABC Job Placement is one of the top recruitment pioneers to have originated in India. It was founded by Dr. Bish Agarwal in 1969. They are among the most preferred talent acquisition firms in the country, with over 50 years of experience. 

They have their offices in eight major Indian cities. In addition to that, they also have built a solid presence in multiple other countries. They provide customizable recruitment solutions to all their clients. ABC is known to tie up with top MNCs across the country with a motto of “Building Careers, Building Organization”.

3. Zigsaw Consultancy 

Zigsaw Consultancy has earned the tag of being one of the fastest-growing recruitment companies in India. It is a Human Resource oriented company that closely collaborates with its partner companies to hire the right talent. 

It maintains a quick hiring service and reduces the time involved in the complete process. You can choose from their flexible hiring plans. They have established their presence in all major cities of India, with an additional focus on tier-2 and tier-3 cities. You can also avail of their FREE Hiring Model, which aims to engage with Small and Medium Enterprises. 

4. Kelly Services 

Kelly services set foot on Indian soil in 2001 after beginning their operations in the United States way back in 1946. It was founded by William Russel Kelly. The expansion to India was a part of their efforts to reach newer markets worldwide. 

They are global leaders in recruiting candidates, staffing solutions, and more across a wide range of industries. In India, they are present at a total of six locations. Their registered Indian office is located in Gurugram.

They have made a name for themselves because of their quality processes, best practices, supplier diversity, and community approach. 

5. TeamLease Services 

TeamLease Services is one of the most sought-after HR consultants in India. It was established in 2002 and grew to be one of the country’s finest in a relatively short time. 

They have a huge network across India that includes more than 2 lac associates. Their presence is also unmatched since they are present at more than 6000 locations. They have their registered office in Bangalore, Karnataka. 

They pride themselves in helping more than 1.7 million people find good jobs for their specializations. With them, you can avail yourself of services such as permanent and temporary staffing, payroll outsourcing, regulatory compliances, and more. 

6. Adecco India

Adecco entered the Indian recruitment space when it acquired People One Consulting. It is based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It began its Indian operations in 2004 and since then has helped employ more than 1 lakh employees. 

With Adecco India, you can avail world-class recruitment services based on your company’s goals and employee needs. 

7. Sutra HR

Sutra HR boasts a track successful track record of providing top-notch recruitment solutions across multiple industries. After starting in 2008, it has amassed more than 500 satisfied clients in India and other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK, the Middle East, and more. 

Sutra has blossomed into a multi-million dollar company under the visionary leadership of Mr. Waqar Azmi.

8. CareerNet

CareerNet began its recruitment journey in 1999. It is currently headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. If you are looking for high-quality and cost-effective recruitment solutions, CareerNet can be your best partner. CareerNet has a majority of its clients from IT, FMC, banking, financial services, knowledge services, and insurance sectors. 

9. United HR Solutions 

United HR Solutions started out as United Consultants in 1986, under the vision of Dr. OP Pahuja. It got its current name in 1996. They had humble beginnings where they started with the textile industry of Nigeria. Eventually, it spread its wings to other industries and countries as well. It has built a network of more than 450 satisfied clients in 15 countries. 

10. Brain Behind Brand 

Mr. Amitav Banerjee founded Brain Behind Brand in 2008. It has made a name for itself in the recruitment industry ever since with its cost-efficient and high-quality recruitment services. They are well-known for their complete recruitment solutions. They are present in four major Indian cities. 

Wrapping Up 

A recruitment company connects an organization with the most suitable candidates for a job. It undertakes various other job placement steps and provides an end-to-end recruitment solution. You can choose the Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India using the list given above.


Innovative workforce solutions for all your recruitment needs

Using manpower agencies as a solution provider for all recruitment issues is a cost-effective and most efficient way to target and hire desired candidates.

In today’s time, the current job market is in favor of job seekers. They are aware of how valuable they are and attracting top talent is quite a challenging task. If a company does not have the marketing skills to showcase itself as a good employer a company might lose a skilled candidate to a competitor.

For the companies where recruitment is not a regular day-to-day process, maintaining an in-house recruitment team is an additional task and if the HR team is not experienced enough to hire related candidates then it will increase the cost and impact the timelines.

The most efficient way to target the best talent is to partner with recruitment agencies. Social media is one of the greatest tools to attract job seekers without spending a penny, but 70% of the applications are not qualified enough for the job they need to handle. If things process through manpower agencies they will filter out such applicants who are not skilled enough to handle the position.

Can partner with Manpower agencies to help find and attract skilled candidates?

The last few years have been a phenomenon for recruitment agencies as they are witnessing huge growth in this industry. The myth is only internal recruiters are able to gain a deeper knowledge of the business and its culture, policies.

However, recruitment agencies have databases of either specific or multiple industry domains and have greater visibility to current market trends and potential job seekers. Whereas in-house recruiters have a limited scope.

Because of these wider contact details, agency recruiters have the expertise and connections that in-house recruiters usually do not have.

If a company is not hiring candidates regularly or they have short-term projects and need temporary staffing, then fulfilling this requirement through an in-house team is not a feasible choice.

In-house recruitment teams have limited resources in which completing diverse hiring requirements might be a tedious and challenging task that has been outsourced to manpower agencies.

With cost-saving being the core target of each department/domain, a lot of industries have understood the importance of hiring wisely, hiring only the best and most skilled talent for their company.

Recruitment is an art that is directly related to company future growth, including recruitment techniques that rely on digital platforms are playing a major role between Jobseekers and companies.

Basically, Niftel Resources make your recruitment easier

Statistically, there are high chances to have access to skilled candidates in the market with recruitment agencies. Jobseekers that are searching for a job are most likely to register themselves to the recruitment agencies.

Most recruitment agencies help employers to find the best possible solutions suitable to their expertise by using the below techniques:

1– Jobs and career sites :- Recruitment mostly relies on job and career sites. Unlike in-house recruitment, they have limited resources and information containing the CV of the candidate who has applied for the jobs or sourced through different activities. These jobs and career sites have huge databases for related information and contain millions of CVs having different industries, experiences, and locations.

They are the main vein for recruiters searching for skilled candidates. These job sites know this and they offer tailored solutions to recruiting agencies.

2- LinkedIn :- One of the most popular and functional social media networking for recruitment and job hunting these days is LinkedIn because of its easier use and vast no of users.

It becomes easier to search for candidates who are usually a member of LinkedIn and it becomes easier for recruiters who have an approved recruiters account. Candidates can be searched based on their work history and job title. Finding these candidates through LinkedIn becomes easier who would otherwise not be actively available on jobs and career sites.

3:Candidate tracking and AI tools :- Resume processing and filtering are now done through AI tools. These tools help recruiters to search skilled candidates and their CVs through keywords then AI will search all the relevant candidates saving a lot of time. These services further extended to Interview scheduling and communications, Tracking and analyzing recruitment points.

4- Email Sourcing :- To capture the interest of your candidates it is required to communicate with sentiments, substance, and speed.

Sending email templates to capture candidates has always been a powerful tool. Whatever we do we still need to use emails as a form of communication to communicate with candidates. Emails are always considered a more formal, official professional, and official way to win the trust of the job seeker. This alone makes this platform an ideal way to attract candidates.

As these manpower agencies have large databases along with all the details related to candidates, it makes it easier to target relevant job-seekers.

Manpower agencies save employers time

Partnering with recruitment agencies saves business time because they perform all initial processes such as sending ads, filtering CVs, finalizing candidates and Telephonic interviews.

All in all, business owners need savings on their investment on each employee, time, and returns on their investments. The quicker turnaround in filling up open vacancies shows the efficiency of the recruitment agency. With the help of professional and skilled recruitment, set up helps business people to concentrate on their core activities, thus maintaining a high level of productivity at the workplace.

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