What Are Some Of The Highest Paid Jobs In India?

This article will be a supplement to our previously published article on the blog, where we discussed some highest-paid jobs in India at the moment. Keep reading. 

Some of The Highest Paid Jobs in India

1. Civil Services

One of the most esteemed services in India is without a doubt the Indian Civil Services. In addition to being one of the highest-paid jobs in India, the position guarantees job stability and value in terms of how the public views civil officials. 

Each year, hundreds of thousands of candidates take the civil service exams, but only a small number of them are chosen to serve as country representatives. The position has significant authority to enact and establish policies, uphold law and order, manage disasters, improve society, represent India abroad, and oversee all aspects of national administration. 

Educational Requirements: 

The minimal educational requirement for civil service positions is a graduation degree from any stream. It takes a lot of effort to pass the UPSC exam.


Civil Service Officers are paid between INR 56,000 to INR 2,50,000 per month (Plus hefty House Rent Allowance, Dearance Allowance, and Travel Allowance)

Highest Paid Jobs

2. Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy is an extremely challenging field, and as a result, the pay is excellent. The pay for entry-level jobs is comparable to that of the ground crew, but as you gain experience, the pay increases. 

One must be physically and psychologically fit and motivated to serve on board for a minimum of 6 to 9 months before choosing the Merchant Navy as a career. It is important to remember that your only companion will be the vast blue sea and taxing tasks. Thus, it also qualifies as one of the highest-paid jobs in India. 

The most alluring aspect of this employment is the tax-free remuneration. An individual can choose to work in a variety of positions, including cadet, radio officer, head engineer, cook, and radio officer. 

Educational Requirements: 

A class 12 diploma in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics is essential for employment in the merchant navy. There are hardly any courses to join the merchant navy. 


Cadets to Captains make between INR 12,000 to INR. 8,00,000 per month in pay.

3. Chartered Accountants 

Chartered Accountants are what keep firms financially on the leading edge, and they will always be in demand as long as enterprises are in operation. The best pay in the sector is given to CAs who passed on their first try with first-class grades. 

The Big Four consulting firms embrace CA professionals who qualify in their first attempt and provide them with the highest compensation packages available. 

A three-year articleship is also required in addition to the four-year specialised qualification to qualify as a certified Chartered Accountant. 

For individuals who excel intellectually, the strain of the educational process pays off. One can specialise with time and launch a private practice or work as a consultant while continuing to get the highest wages in the sector.

Educational Requirements: 

Graduate or postgraduate students in the commerce stream must have a minimum of 60% to apply for CA. To qualify as a certified Chartered Accountant, candidates must pass three levels of tests and complete three years of on-the-job training. 


Between INR 7 to 70 Lakhs per annum.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most lucrative and sought-after jobs in India, not just because these are among the highest-paid jobs, but also because of their societal standing. 


Back Office Jobs: An Overview

In this article, we will learn more about back office jobs. We will discuss why back office jobs in Lucknow can be a lucrative option for interested individuals. 

Businesses frequently require a back office to assist the front office positions that deal directly with customers in order to operate effectively. The operations of a corporation will make more sense when you gain a better understanding of what a back office is. Numerous significant jobs fall under the category of back office work. 

Back office Jobs: What are they? 

Back office jobs are those that don’t deal directly with customers. In essence, the back office is the division that supports the front office, or client-facing, jobs with their varied duties. The back office staff members are in charge of numerous administrative duties, such as data management and record keeping.

The front office typically generates more revenue for a firm than its back office. It is crucial to remember that although back-office staff members do not deal directly with customers, they do converse with people who work in the front office. If you’re looking for back office work, think about looking for a field that both interests you and has back office jobs that match your experience and skills. 

Unaffected by the sector they serve, the following departments are often found in the back office: Human resources, Accounting, Operations, IT, and Compliance.

Back Office Jobs

Are Back Office Jobs Good?

For someone who wants to work in an office, back office jobs can be a fantastic profession. Although flexible, back office work usually occurs during regular business hours. 

Your schedule may be consistent and it doesn’t include a lot of travel. A career in this field is ideal for someone with familial responsibilities or who prefers a stable schedule. 

Other advantages of working in the back office include: 

Greater Relaxation

It can be a more relaxed setting in terms of dress code and business etiquette since customers rarely interact with back office staff and they rarely serve as the company’s face at conferences or networking events.

Not dealing directly with customers. 

No customers are ever directly dealt with by back office staff. Alternatively, they collaborate with other internal departments or on teams with their own coworkers. one who does not prefer interacting with others or providing customer service might find this type of work more enjoyable. 

Remote work 

Utilizing networks and online databases, technology has made it possible for many back office tasks to be performed remotely. This gives back office employees who aren’t present more freedom to handle tasks or interact with clients. 

Crucial roles 

Back office work may be essential to the development and effective operation of a company. You might feel more assured about your value to your employer as a back office employee.

Wrapping up

We are sure that you have the required basic information about back office job now. We have included the various aspects of back office jobs and even provided reasons why it can be a good career option for interested individuals. You may now begin your search for back office jobs in Lucknow.


Find The Best Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs With These Tips

In this article, we will shed light on some tips to help you find the best part-time work-from-home jobs. Keep reading to learn more. 

In the early 2000s, looking for “work-from-home” opportunities was more likely to bring up scams than actual employment opportunities. The employment environment has completely changed in the modern era. 

Work-from-home opportunities have become increasingly convenient thanks to technological advancements, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic’s significant boost to remote employment. 

Many businesses now successfully manage their operations when workers work from home (either part-time or full-time), from coworking spaces across multiple cities, or from anywhere with a solid internet connection and a comfortable work atmosphere.

Following are some tips to help you secure the ideal part-time work-from-home jobs to suit your needs.


Top Tips To Secure Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs 

  1. Clearly Identify Your Objectives 

You shouldn’t start your search for the ideal part-time work from home job by simply browsing job sites. You need to go back a little, to the drawing board. Start by evaluating your goals and your objective(s).

You must discover answers to questions like: 

  • What are your preferred working hours and how many hours a week can you commit? 
  • Do you prefer a hybrid working paradigm or do you wish to adopt this as a permanent way of life? 
  • What pay range do you want?
  1. Connect to your network 

Connections and references are extremely important when it comes to work-from-home job vacancies. After all, establishing trust requires more work when people are working remotely than when they are physically present in an office. 

Take advantage of any relationships you have with businesses that employ remote or work-from-home employees by tapping into your network. K keep an eye out for networking events for people who work from home where you can meet business owners, employees, and others who have flexible schedules.

  1. Focus on startups 

Definitive employment decisions are made by startups much more quickly than by major corporations. Start-ups are a possibility to take into consideration if you’re looking for work-from-home employment quickly. 

Additionally, because the founders typically handle the hiring personally, they are simpler to approach. In contrast to larger organisations, they will swiftly give you a deal if they like you. 

Additionally, startups provide much greater potential for growth than established businesses. Additionally, they do not have the same fixation on working from an office that bigger or midsized firms do.

  1. Create a resume that aligns with your career goals 

Make a résumé that details your objectives and aims. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each resume you produce needs to be tailored for a particular job application. Only the details that are essential to the particular job posting should be included on each resume

Online resources provide a wealth of advice that can help you create an effective resume. Additionally, you have the option of hiring a professional resume writer or using some of the best online resume writing services.

Wrapping up

These tips mentioned above will help you find part-time work-from-home jobs that will align with your requirements and give you the required peace of mind.


Which Job Has The Highest Salary In India: Let’s Find Out

In this article, we will find the answer to the question “which job has the highest salary in India”. Read to learn more. 

Some potential occupations have proven successful, both financially and in terms of experience, in the context of a shifting employment market that has soared and retreated throughout the years. 

A return is undoubtedly guaranteed by education that supports sustained progress. One must start with selecting the appropriate education and streamlining before deciding on a career. The effort one puts into choosing a profession pays off on its own for the time and effort the person has put into it.

There’s no right way to pinpoint the one single job that has the highest salary in India, or elsewhere because salaries offered by employers vary based on industry, skill levels and experience. So, we will provide a list of the top jobs below to answer the question: “which job has the highest salary in India”.

Which Job Has The Highest Salary in India: Top Ones

Which Job Has The Highest Salary in India
  1. Commercial Pilot

This is undoubtedly the ideal job choice for you if you’ve always had a passion for flying. Being a commercial pilot is a safe career choice because there will always be travellers from all over the world. A commercial pilot’s duties include operating the aircraft safely, adhering to aviation regulations, performing pre-flight inspections, and more in addition to flying the aircraft. 

Required Qualifications: 

In addition to being physically healthy and passing all medical exams, candidates should have an undergraduate degree, especially in a science-related field like physics or mathematics. Furthermore, individuals need to possess other licences including an Airline Transport Pilot Licence and a Commercial Pilot Licence issued by an accredited institution.


With bonuses, overtime pay, and other compensation, a pilot with less than a year of experience can expect to make roughly INR 15 lakh per year as their entry-level income. The remuneration might go to INR 50 lakh per year with expertise.

  1. Software Architect 

The internet and technological spheres have grown exponentially in the last few years, all because of software development. Software architects are development experts that create, test, and oversee software solutions for software systems. This is a lucrative career opportunity in India. In order to calibrate any software-related issues, they use top-tier designing abilities, codes, approaches, and procedures. 

Required Qualifications: 

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a master’s degree with some familiarity with operating systems, including HTML, C++, JavaScript and others 


Software architects typically earn more than INR 22 lakh annually, with an entry-level salary starting at about INR 9.7 lakh annually.

  1. Blockchain Developer 

A skilled specialist that oversees and administers the entire blockchain technology infrastructure is known as a blockchain developer. They should be skilled in blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and others, as well as programming languages, security protocols, and cryptographic libraries. The growing market for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., has increased demand for the profession at the moment. 

Required Qualifications: 

Candidates with a (BE/BTech) degree in information technology, computer science, mathematics, or statistics are the main contenders. Preference is given to applicants with previous coding experience in standard programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, etc. 


Blockchain developers in India get an average base pay of more than INR 8 lakh annually. People can make up to INR 45/annum due to the profession’s growing market.

Wrapping up

While we could have included more professions with a great pay scale in India, we chose to limit our discussion to the most popular and lucrative ones as of 2022 for the scope of this article. We will follow up with more such articles in future, so don’t go anywhere and keep a regular lookout for more fresh content on our blog.


Secure The Best Data Entry Jobs In Lucknow

This article will look at the various aspects of data entry jobs and help you with the responsibilities and requirements for data entry jobs in Lucknow. Keep reading. 

Operators in the data entry sector add, change & validate digital data in computers and databases. Due to the development in digitalisation, many businesses now frequently ask employees to enter market research data into electronic systems, add raw data to databases, and add sales statistics to electronic forms throughout the course of a business day. 

It’s a sort of clerical labour where data entry into computers is done using a variety of methods, including typing and voice recording. Workers in various sectors, including retail, healthcare, banking, and transportation, are known as data entry operators. 

What is Data Entry?

A wide range of jobs falls under the umbrella of data entry, which is a broad word. Typists, word processors, transcribers, and clerks are examples of data input operators. Data operators are responsible for handling various electronic data formats and for managing tools like keyboards that are used by professionals to enter and edit data. 

These tasks can be carried out either remotely or in an office setting. As the gig economy has grown, several businesses are now using freelancers or short-term contractors to complete this task.

In the data entry sector, there are numerous payment options. If you begin working in this field, your remuneration may be determined by the project, keystrokes per minute, per word, or per hour, or by a set hourly rate or a set monthly salary. People with a quick typing speed are likely to make more money in this field because data entry remuneration is typically based on your speed of type.

Roles and Responsibilities for Data Entry Jobs in Lucknow

The following duties are typical for data entry jobs in Lucknow: 

  • Organize and categorise data files before entering data. 
  • To get source data ready for computer entry, compile, check for accuracy, and sort the data. 
  • Check the data for any potential shortcomings or faults, look for any incompatibilities between different data sources, and ensure that the data being input is error-free. 
  • Ensuring that invoices are received, processed for payment, and the appropriate updates are made to the invoice information. 
  • Enter data precisely into the appropriate fields of different software systems. 
  • Detect and fix data entry problems using the proper quality control procedures. 
  • Order office supplies, file paperwork, and other related activities. 
  • On a case-by-case basis, provide general data input help to numerous teams.
  • As part of your emergency strategy, create data backups. 
  • As soon as a request is made, promptly provide data to authorised members.
Data Entry Jobs In Lucknow

How Can I Succeed in Data Entry Jobs in Lucknow

Success as a data entry operator requires a wide range of skills. To succeed at data entry jobs in Lucknow and elsewhere, follow the strategies listed below: 

  • Develop your linguistic abilities

English language proficiency is required for employment in the data entry sector. To thrive in the data entry profession, you must also possess strong reading comprehension skills, grammar abilities, and punctuation skills. 

  • Become computer literate

You can think about enrolling in online courses for well-known word processing and spreadsheet tools that are easily accessible online. These include Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc. Finding out about various other office devices like scanners and printers that work with PCs could also be useful.

  • Improve your typing skills

The most crucial ability needed in the field of data entry is fast typing. You may simply practise typing while timing your speed in any typing programme, such as Microsoft Word, to boost your typing speed. 

  • Boost your ability to interact with people  

When working on data entry projects, a data entry operator must communicate with both employers and coworkers. To learn about interpersonal skills and subsequently practise them using strategies like role-playing, you can use a range of internet resources, including articles and tutorials.

Wrapping up

You may now start your job search for data entry jobs in Lucknow. We are sure that this article will help you understand what you need to know. 


Here’s All You Need To Know About India Typing Jobs

In this article, we will shed light on the various aspects of typing jobs in India, including the requirements and job roles. Read to learn more about India Typing jobs. 

Reports, communications, and corporate policies are just a few of the things that a good typist is in charge of typing. They produce reports, keep meeting minutes, and convert written or spoken materials into digital form using word processors. In addition, they have to oversee document filing systems, edit written work for errors, and help with a range of clerical tasks. 

You could be a perfect fit for this position if you have rapid and accurate typing skills and can proofread documents for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes while working under pressure. To succeed in this position, it is imperative that you handle sensitive material with discretion.

India Typing Job Requirements 

The requirements for typing jobs in India may vary from organisation to organisation. But following are some of the basic requirements that you can expect while looking for the best India Typing jobs: 

Transcribing business papers from dictation, audio files, written texts, and other sources. 

  • Combining, reformatting, and converting documents to meet requirements set forth by the business. 
  • Making notes and minutes for meetings. 
  • Composing written materials like presentations, reports, spreadsheets, and other types of written work. 
  • Performing a last read-through of the work and fixing grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. 
  • Converting audio recordings and handwritten materials to digital files. 
  • Taking care of the filing system for both physical and digital documents. 
  • Ensuring the upkeep of the office supplies and alerting the supervisor to any problems or needs.
  • performing routine office tasks, like answering phones, printing, scanning, copying, and emailing, among others. 

Skills Required for India Typing Jobs

Following are the essential skills to land and excel at Typing jobs in India: 

  • It is preferred if you have experience working as a typist, or a data entry operator. 
  • GED or high school graduation are required; extra computer expertise or certification is preferred.
  • A typing speed of 50 to 80 words per minute is ideal, and using a touch typing system is an advantage. 
  • The capacity to type directly from dictation. 
  • Understanding of optical scanners and data recorders. 
  • Outstanding proficiency with spreadsheets and text processing programmes. It is essential to be proficient in office programmes like Google Docs, MS Word, and Excel. 
  • Strong knowledge of the English language and vocabulary. 
  • Knowledge about office supplies. 
  • Excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking. 
  • Knowledge of electronic and paper document filing systems. 
  • Strong organisational and time management skills.
  • A keen eye for detail and the ability to identify grammatical, typographical, and punctuation mistakes. 
  • Having the ability to protect privacy when necessary. 

If you possess these skills and the required knowledge, you can start applying for India Typing jobs to kickstart your career. 

Wrapping up

You have all the required information in the above article to start applying for the typist jobs in India. Just know that you can excel at it if you can provide everything that your potential employer may need from you. 


With So Many People Quitting Their Jobs, Don’t Overlook Those Who Stay

In the recent post-pandemic world, huge turnover has happened from people as they are re-evaluating their life, their careers and no company is safe. Now, a day’s people are preferring the hybrid model due to flexibility in working hours and to create a balance between work and family life. The market for skilled candidates has now shifted and employee retention is one of the key KPIs. This is the first step towards slowing down attrition and regaining your growth arc.

Resignations are real and it is happening. According to reports during April, May, and June, May people will quit their jobs. The report is not over, there 48 percent of people actively looking for and 1 out of 4 employees will opt for job change in the next six months.

So all these reports and numbers are just to make organizations aware that their productivity and business may get a hit during some time. Organizations are a bit confused on 2 parameters, whether to hire only to backfill the positions or to hire additional people so that business will not impact if there are attritions. This imbalance is not about productivity it’s about people.

The suitable way to stabilize your business and to overcome attrition pressure is to increase your retention. We often tend to forget these people, who we are working with day to day, standing with you and completing all the deliverables, contributing to organizational growth. The concern is, they need to be recognized, they need to be seen, they need to be appreciated for their contribution. It’s the responsibility of the manager to make sure that they are recognized and appreciated.

Here are a few steps to be taken for employee retention.

1-Employee Morale Improvement:-Today’s competitive and revolving door environment can dampen the morale of an employee. Besides lack of interest, employees who remain have to take important responsibilities, as a result their motivation and satisfaction also tend to drop. Employees may decide to leave because they find other employees talking about quitting their jobs or actually leaving the organization.

Implementing different programs to boost the morale of the employee, making them heard, seen, and recognized by the management will help in getting the best employees on the field.

2-Focus on tenured employees:-Tenured employees have surpassed their jobs for so long for your organization. They can begin to lose momentum with their work. It’s up to the organization to focus on them once again. Remember they are the employees who are most productive and innovative at times and now they need a little bit of motivation once again to show up their skills and experience.

Tenure is not the thing to blame but organization culture is also included in that. Most of the team leaders start focusing on new talent or new hires thinking Gen X will set up a new example.

Tenured employees are assets for the organization. Team leaders should acknowledge them publically and work on revamping the culture and the workplace.

3-Implement Recruitment and training efficiency programs:- Replacing an employee involves cost. Once the organization finds suitable candidates, they have to be trained. But by focusing on employee retention, these costs can be saved. Also, cross recruitment will help in getting skilled employees at less cost.

4-Better employee experience:- Companies nowadays cannot get enough with offering hire packages and providing health insurance, they should think beyond that to provide employees a better place to work. The employee experience includes interaction with the management and HR personnel, culture, benefits, physical work environment, job satisfaction, tools provided for growth in jobs and all these factors are directly related to organizational growth.

5- Improve employee engagement and satisfaction:- Give your employees flexibility at the workplace. Allow them to shape their role as per their feasibility. Stop doing micromanagement. Reward them, recognize them out-of-year award ceremonies. Work on transparent communication. Look at the issues they are facing with other internal teams in the organization. Train them on different technologies by investing in a good trainer. Try to embed strong, sociable culture across the organization.


Temporary staffing is a different kind of success, understand more.

Contractual/Temporary staffing agencies act as a mediator between employee and employer, helping them to find qualified, suitable candidates for the position If your business requires urgent resources, then approaching a staffing agency will save your time along with some benefits.

Searching for qualified candidates is a challenge for many small organizations. Posting ads, shortlisting candidates, interviews, Salary discussion, background checks, documentation takes employers time impacting business deliverables for the long run. That is why many employers are approaching staffing agencies to carry on HR-related tasks.

The role of temporary staffing companies?

When you have a short-term project or need staff for a certain period of time you can surely opt for a temporary staffing solution. There are many staffing agencies that are providing contractual staff as per your requirement.

As soon as you reach out to a staffing agency you will explain the complete requirement, job description, no of staff needed, salary payouts, etc. Staffing agencies then post advertisements on your behalf, they might also approach candidates personally as they have a big candidate database.

Once the candidate shows interest they will review and perform a complete screening of the candidate. Post satisfaction and review from employer and employee then they schedule an interview, the employer will take final decision for keeping the candidates after interview. Then these agencies will take care of the complete paperwork and salary negotiation work.

Advantages of temporary/contractual staffing?

1- With temporary staffing company, there is a benefit for clients as well as for employees,

2- Employees will get an opportunity to work trained on new skills, the opportunity to learn on the job skills, functions, understand organizational culture. Temporary staffing agencies helps them explore different areas of job functions without making long-term commitments.

3- For companies’ recruitment and placement becomes very easy through temporary staffing agencies. Companies don’t require to bother about cultural issues, performance evaluation everything will be taken care of by a staffing agency.

Temporary Staffing Agency


Why Niftel Resources? Our Process:

1- Migration

a- Sharing CTC break up
b- Issuing offer letter

2- Joining and onboarding

a- Joining kits with statuary forms
b- Fix term contract of an employee

3-Payroll operations:

Collecting the attendance input

4- Payroll processing

a- Releasing the salary
b- Statuary compliance
c- Leave management system

5- Query resolve system

a- Employee help desk
b- Handling the transition
c- Updating the employee master
d- Communication and acknowledgment

6- Exit

a- Process contract letter
b- Carrying out the clearance
c- The full and final settlement
d- Provide relieving letter

Hiring temporary/contractual staff with Niftel Resources

Let us take care of your staffing needs. Whether you are looking for bulk hiring or single candidates, our recruiters are waiting to help you.

a- We help in quick hiring so that candidates can start working as soon as possible
b- On-demand hiring will allow you to avoid payroll costs that come from full-time candidate hiring
c- Our experienced consultants are available 24/7 to solve your workforce challenge efficiently
d- Sourcing, Searching, screening, interviewing is time-consuming task. Hiring staff on contract through Niftel Resources will give you that time back.

Our overall plan includes

a- Guaranteed service delivery
b- Compliance adherence
c- Strong technology platform
d- Robust and superior process

The client has the option to choose services like just hiring a candidate or to perform end-to-end HR administration including full compliance services such as employee assessment, training, and engagement. In both the options, we assure quality and adherence to compliance and policies agreed to by our clients.

The combination of people, process, and technology enables on-time delivery, value creation for our clients, and return helping them to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Our focus is business improvement and best practices with our clients. This enables us to achieve a greater level of client satisfaction and business efficiency.