Top 5 Data Scientist Skills You Should Have in 2022

Who are data scientists? What do they do? years ago, data scientists did not exist. People within the organization perform data mining, data cleaning, and analyse data as per business needs. But today’s digital world has taken a 360-degree turn and data/information has become a vital asset for organizations.

One of the most in-demand fields in 2022 is Data scientist. Now the data scientist profession that we admire today is standing at the head of the new career path. Modern data scientists have combinational skills including technical know-how with expertise in analytics along with curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Since it is one of the desired fields in recent times, the competition rate is a little higher than other fields. People face tough times to get hired as data scientists.

So what you can do to improve your chances to get hired, here are the top 5 skills to get hired as a data scientist:

1- Critical thinking and problem solving:-Critical thinking is not something that everyone is born with, it can be learned and understood over time and practice. In this physical world, we always receive problems that are unclear and usual. As a data scientist, you should know how to translate vague and unclear problems into clear, understanding, and measurable problem statements That will help in achieving desired results for your entire project.

2- Programming skills:- Data science is revolving around in this new digital era. Technical knowledge is an integral part of data science. Some of the data scientists are required to write certain instructions to perform a set of tasks and give outcomes for further data analysis.

3- Machine learning and AI:-This field is continuously evolving and hence there is a rise in demand and importance. It is very crucial and extremely required for a data scientist to perform machine learning and AI tasks effectively as everything that a data scientist starts off is highly predictive and machine learning, AI techniques will help them in better decision making and accordingly take appropriate real-time actions without human intervention. This technology is helping in analyzing huge chunks of data through automation that performs repetitive tasks.

4- Data Visualisation and storytelling:- Data visualization and storytelling are data with a life. Data scientists are extremely talented to play around with data but data representation without visually appealing content and storytelling concepts are not sufficient to convey your message to end-users.

A good data scientist not only understands the data but also understands the business requirements and target audience. A good data scientist should have excellent storytelling skills because only a good storyteller will ensure that the result from data analysis and data modeling is conveyed to the right audience through the right channel.

5- Model Deployment:-Your end-users do not care if you have an extremely accurate model if it is not user-friendly. It is unfair for non-technical users to connect with your application or program to see how your model is performing. A good data scientist is able to deploy a model which is accessible to all users without any disconnection. The most attractive invention to achieve this is creating APIs around the model which will connect different applications into one and hence make it more feasible for end-users.


Various Ways To Captivate Top Tech Talent

Attracting top tech talent is very easy? Why Yes, if you are mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. Actually speaking, attracting this expertise is very difficult nowadays. Due to increasing competition and demand often surpasses the supply. It is one of the most competitive job markets and it is the responsibility of technology leaders to hire and retain such expertise.

Post pandemic, every company is a tech company, everyone is trying to grow their business through Internet marketing making the market tight and competitive to search for these talents. This group has gone beyond the basic recruitment needs. Now they have created their own values such as

Brand: Candidates are now looking for brand companies to start their careers and to grow their skills in the industry

Job offers: High demand for this expertise has created chaos in marketing, now these candidates are looking beyond job responsibility and salary.

All these scenarios are directing HR leaders and business heads to change and improve their process for this sector in order to capture candidates’ attention and stand out in the competition. Today’s tech professional is looking for something exceptional.

So how do you identify, what will really make your company a top destination for top tech candidates? We have conceptualized a few pointers for what these tech candidates are looking for in the new digitized world.

Brand career-oriented social media presence

Before applying to a job, a job seeker uses many different ways to research the company and its profile. They at least visit 1 social media platform to support their search. Your company brand and the way you portray your company on social media networks create a huge positive or negative impact on job seekers.

With strong branding, there are strong chances of getting qualified applicants. Recent studies have shown that an average user uses 7 different social media networks. Most tech professional visits top brands at least once a month through social media. With the tech audiences, different is always attractive. So if you want to have qualified tech professionals in your organization filling up your business demands and growth you have to work on improving your social media presence.

Enhance your job search engine

Online job search is the most common medium for job seekers. Post pandemic the world has become more digital than earlier it was, hence everything and everyone is competitive. In order to stand out in the rat race, you will have to improve your job search engine and you will be able to achieve this with strong SEO. Whenever a job seeker will search for a job your company will show up first on the search engine and it will help in getting qualified and suitable candidates. Focus on relevant job listing sites, Use the relevant, and use social media integration.

Generate positive thrill on job sites

While doing online research for a company, job seeker always checks for the feedbacks/review section. So generating positive reviews from employees will help in attracting top tech talent.

Intelligible candidate value through the employee-centric way

The most important thing to attract these talents is showcasing employee value through social media and job portals.

Toil on the job description

Focus on giving complete and crisp job descriptions which attract job seekers to check out openings. Don’t just concentrate on highlighting the skill requirements instead try giving all information about the company, job role, etc.

Keep salary, location, and benefit viable

Before deciding on salary package, location, incentives, and benefits check other companies offering the same job role.

Brand job applying graceful

Design your career website such that it will have maximum impact. Try keeping job and organizational information as clear as possible and make sure they are accessible without any clicks; this will help candidates to apply for suitable positions. Focus on giving attractive descriptions with management work culture style. Focus on keeping your career site mobile-friendly.

Carry a positive interview practice

Candidates are always willing to share their post-interview feedback. Always seek feedback from candidates and try to have it positive one. Whether there is one or many candidates appearing for interviews make sure your questions are consistent, insightful, and relevant for the candidates to understand clear requirements.


With So Many People Quitting Their Jobs, Don’t Overlook Those Who Stay

In the recent post-pandemic world, huge turnover has happened from people as they are re-evaluating their life, their careers and no company is safe. Now, a day’s people are preferring the hybrid model due to flexibility in working hours and to create a balance between work and family life. The market for skilled candidates has now shifted and employee retention is one of the key KPIs. This is the first step towards slowing down attrition and regaining your growth arc.

Resignations are real and it is happening. According to reports during April, May, and June, May people will quit their jobs. The report is not over, there 48 percent of people actively looking for and 1 out of 4 employees will opt for job change in the next six months.

So all these reports and numbers are just to make organizations aware that their productivity and business may get a hit during some time. Organizations are a bit confused on 2 parameters, whether to hire only to backfill the positions or to hire additional people so that business will not impact if there are attritions. This imbalance is not about productivity it’s about people.

The suitable way to stabilize your business and to overcome attrition pressure is to increase your retention. We often tend to forget these people, who we are working with day to day, standing with you and completing all the deliverables, contributing to organizational growth. The concern is, they need to be recognized, they need to be seen, they need to be appreciated for their contribution. It’s the responsibility of the manager to make sure that they are recognized and appreciated.

Here are a few steps to be taken for employee retention.

1-Employee Morale Improvement:-Today’s competitive and revolving door environment can dampen the morale of an employee. Besides lack of interest, employees who remain have to take important responsibilities, as a result their motivation and satisfaction also tend to drop. Employees may decide to leave because they find other employees talking about quitting their jobs or actually leaving the organization.

Implementing different programs to boost the morale of the employee, making them heard, seen, and recognized by the management will help in getting the best employees on the field.

2-Focus on tenured employees:-Tenured employees have surpassed their jobs for so long for your organization. They can begin to lose momentum with their work. It’s up to the organization to focus on them once again. Remember they are the employees who are most productive and innovative at times and now they need a little bit of motivation once again to show up their skills and experience.

Tenure is not the thing to blame but organization culture is also included in that. Most of the team leaders start focusing on new talent or new hires thinking Gen X will set up a new example.

Tenured employees are assets for the organization. Team leaders should acknowledge them publically and work on revamping the culture and the workplace.

3-Implement Recruitment and training efficiency programs:- Replacing an employee involves cost. Once the organization finds suitable candidates, they have to be trained. But by focusing on employee retention, these costs can be saved. Also, cross recruitment will help in getting skilled employees at less cost.

4-Better employee experience:- Companies nowadays cannot get enough with offering hire packages and providing health insurance, they should think beyond that to provide employees a better place to work. The employee experience includes interaction with the management and HR personnel, culture, benefits, physical work environment, job satisfaction, tools provided for growth in jobs and all these factors are directly related to organizational growth.

5- Improve employee engagement and satisfaction:- Give your employees flexibility at the workplace. Allow them to shape their role as per their feasibility. Stop doing micromanagement. Reward them, recognize them out-of-year award ceremonies. Work on transparent communication. Look at the issues they are facing with other internal teams in the organization. Train them on different technologies by investing in a good trainer. Try to embed strong, sociable culture across the organization.


Temporary staffing is a different kind of success, understand more.

Contractual/Temporary staffing agencies act as a mediator between employee and employer, helping them to find qualified, suitable candidates for the position If your business requires urgent resources, then approaching a staffing agency will save your time along with some benefits.

Searching for qualified candidates is a challenge for many small organizations. Posting ads, shortlisting candidates, interviews, Salary discussion, background checks, documentation takes employers time impacting business deliverables for the long run. That is why many employers are approaching staffing agencies to carry on HR-related tasks.

The role of temporary staffing companies?

When you have a short-term project or need staff for a certain period of time you can surely opt for a temporary staffing solution. There are many staffing agencies that are providing contractual staff as per your requirement.

As soon as you reach out to a staffing agency you will explain the complete requirement, job description, no of staff needed, salary payouts, etc. Staffing agencies then post advertisements on your behalf, they might also approach candidates personally as they have a big candidate database.

Once the candidate shows interest they will review and perform a complete screening of the candidate. Post satisfaction and review from employer and employee then they schedule an interview, the employer will take final decision for keeping the candidates after interview. Then these agencies will take care of the complete paperwork and salary negotiation work.

Advantages of temporary/contractual staffing?

1- With temporary staffing company, there is a benefit for clients as well as for employees,

2- Employees will get an opportunity to work trained on new skills, the opportunity to learn on the job skills, functions, understand organizational culture. Temporary staffing agencies helps them explore different areas of job functions without making long-term commitments.

3- For companies’ recruitment and placement becomes very easy through temporary staffing agencies. Companies don’t require to bother about cultural issues, performance evaluation everything will be taken care of by a staffing agency.

Temporary Staffing Agency


Why Niftel Resources? Our Process:

1- Migration

a- Sharing CTC break up
b- Issuing offer letter

2- Joining and onboarding

a- Joining kits with statuary forms
b- Fix term contract of an employee

3-Payroll operations:

Collecting the attendance input

4- Payroll processing

a- Releasing the salary
b- Statuary compliance
c- Leave management system

5- Query resolve system

a- Employee help desk
b- Handling the transition
c- Updating the employee master
d- Communication and acknowledgment

6- Exit

a- Process contract letter
b- Carrying out the clearance
c- The full and final settlement
d- Provide relieving letter

Hiring temporary/contractual staff with Niftel Resources

Let us take care of your staffing needs. Whether you are looking for bulk hiring or single candidates, our recruiters are waiting to help you.

a- We help in quick hiring so that candidates can start working as soon as possible
b- On-demand hiring will allow you to avoid payroll costs that come from full-time candidate hiring
c- Our experienced consultants are available 24/7 to solve your workforce challenge efficiently
d- Sourcing, Searching, screening, interviewing is time-consuming task. Hiring staff on contract through Niftel Resources will give you that time back.

Our overall plan includes

a- Guaranteed service delivery
b- Compliance adherence
c- Strong technology platform
d- Robust and superior process

The client has the option to choose services like just hiring a candidate or to perform end-to-end HR administration including full compliance services such as employee assessment, training, and engagement. In both the options, we assure quality and adherence to compliance and policies agreed to by our clients.

The combination of people, process, and technology enables on-time delivery, value creation for our clients, and return helping them to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Our focus is business improvement and best practices with our clients. This enables us to achieve a greater level of client satisfaction and business efficiency.

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